School Visits

Planning your visit

We organise and host many school visits every year to the Gurdwara from various schools and others who have not visited the Gurdwara before.

School visits can be arranged by email ( ) with the following information. All visits will be confirmed by a member of our Committee / schools visits liaison team.

  1. Name of the School:
  2. The date and time you wish to visit:
    [ Our preferable timings are between 9.15am to 12pm latest (1.5 hours slot) ]
  3. Contact person name:
  4. Contact person email and telephone/mobile number:
  5. Total number of children and adults and their age ranges:
    [ Max 65 children with 10 adults per visit ]
  6. Any allergies:
  7. Any other requirements:

Please email at:

During the visit everyone will be required to cover their head.

All visits are subject to cancellations if other urgent programs like funerals are booked.

Upon arrival at the Gurdwara

Upon arrival at the Gurdwara, visitors should gather in the reception area where they can prepare for entry into the main building.

Visitors should remove their shoes and place them in the shoe racks, and please cover your head with a scarf. Please bring your own scarves to cover your head while in the Gurdwara, this a mandatory, however, hats & caps are strictly NOT worn inside a Gurdwara. We cover our heads as a sign of modesty.

No outside food to be brought on to premises including all adult bags should be free from alcohol and tobacco products.

Inside the main building there are two halls, the Darbar Sahib and the Langar Hall/Community Kitchen.

Upon entry to the Darbar Sahib, guests will walk on a red carpet and bow their heads to the Guru Granth Sahib Ji, our Holy Scripture. A Sikh will bow their head to the Holy Scripture, but this is not compulsory for any non-Sikh, all we ask is visitors be respectful as this is a place for quiet meditation and worship.

Once everyone has walked the red carpet they should sit on the floor, and we will have an informal talk where we will tell you about Sikhism. After this, you are welcome to ask us any questions, and we will do our best to answer them.

On your way out of the hall, you will be offered a sweet we call "parshad." This sweet is made of wholewheat flour, clarified butter, and sugar. It is considered a blessing, but it is optional, and you do not have to take some.

On our way to the Langar Hall, you will see pictures of our ten Gurus, along the wall.

The Langar Hall is a Community Kitchen, run by volunteers who help prepare and serve hot food all day. All guests to a gurdwara are welcome to enjoy hot, tasty, vegetarian food. You are welcome to eat as much or as little as you like, all we ask is that food should not be wasted.

School Visits - Ealing Gurdwara, London Sikh Centre

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